Jazz Summer Camps?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by GandalfTheDwarf, Oct 17, 2013.

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    May 20, 2013
    Currently, my school does not offer any jazz theory based classes. I mostly teach myself about different chord shapes, phrasing...etc. I am looking at going to a Jazz summer camp somewhere in the united states. Any suggestions? I've heard great things about UNT's program as well as places in New York.

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    New Orleans has a Satchmo Jazz Camp....very successful....Trombone Shorty attended, among many other famous players.

    Google it, easy to find.
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    There are also some camps in California - at least one in SoCal, another in the general area of Sacramento. You can usually find ads for those as well as the New Orleans camp in "The American Rag". You should be aware that the camps mentioned are traditional jazz camps (Dixieland through swing), not be-bop oriented.
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    Both "Jazz Times" and "downbeat" have fairly comprehensive summer workshop issues. I suggest that you get those issues.

    I have attended the Berklee summer workshops (four or five times) at Perugia, Italy, the Manhattan School of Music workshop in Amsterdam, and the New School for Contemporary Music in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Although given in Italy and the Netherlands, these schools had American staffs who were regular faculty at these schools, so I believe the curriculum would be similar, if not identical, to what they offer in the states.

    In each situation, the emphasis was on improvisation and small group playing. The instructors were from good to outstanding. With Berklee, it was a little hit and miss, but I must qualify that by saying that all of the Berklee instructors were good, just not as uniformly excellent like from Manhattan and New School. All three of the schools had A+ instructors, it's just that all of Manhattan and New School faculty were A to A+ while Berklee had some B instructors. But in all cases, the workshops were great, with good theory instruction as it applied to the tunes you would be playing in your combo, and with a lot of playing practice. In the case of the New School curriculum, there was a specific class on theory and ear training taught by none other than Armen Donelian.

    In the meantime, if you are looking for some good jazz theory instruction you can do on your own, there was course material from one of Berklee's Jazz Theory classes that was floating around the internet for download several years ago. I'll let you use your search/internet chops to find if it's still available now. I wouldn't be surprised if a search for "Berklee Jazz Harmony 1-4" might be a good search topic. ;-)

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