Jazz Trumpet player wanted ! 'MTB Quartet' are looking fot YOU !

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    Jul 23, 2014
    Jazz Trumpet player wanted in London, Uk for 'MTB Quartet'

    Hi Guys and thanks for looking, Hope i posted it in the right place.

    'Mind The Baby, who were performing their very first show and were
    well received by the audience thanks to their blend of blue note-influenced, cool grooves and superbly musical playing. Headline artist for the evening was renowned bass player Richard Bona,' (Drummer Magazine January 2014)

    We have been together for a year now, so far we had a few high profile gigs, we have supported Mr Richard Bona 3 times (more to come) and we have received two good reviews in Drummer Magazine (January 2014 and May 2014).

    For this year we have a bit planed, mostly to get the right member and to be ready for next year, for next year we will have some good gigs (festivals) in and out of the UK as well as we will go on a support tour with a name act. we could play a few festivals this year but we lost our trumpet player.

    please check the links for some of the music -
    Ima - MTB Quartet - YouTube

    For more links and music please ask.

    We are now looking for a new Trumpet player. You must be a very good player and most important someone that can commit to rehears, record and gig, a band member.

    Big plus if you're using effects.

    Please send a audio/video of your playing with a bit info about you.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    Nim and the 'MTB Quartet'
    [email protected]

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