Jens Lindeman-ITG, 04.

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    Lindemann challenged the audience to approach the trumpet a little differently. He has coined the term, “Golden Sixth†for his embouchure set. This refers to the interval from second line G (g') up to top space E (e''). He keeps the same set on g' for notes below this pitch rather than letting the embouchure sag. The idea is to move air “horizontally.†This allows for greater freedom and fewer minor embouchure adjustments. His setting on e'' is used for the high range. Stay on e'' physically as you go higher and think forward motion rather than upward. He demonstrated this by playing e'' softly with a breath attack while lying on the floor. He again stressed the importance of being relaxed. If it hurts to play, you are doing something wrong!
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    The concept seems to be an extension of the technique of imagining 'aiming' notes distances from the bell. Lower notes roll out and higher notes are projected 4,10,20, 40 feet in front of the trumpet. Personally it's always worked for me.

    I actually find that if I've done the hard work and stay relaxed in my usual playing range, my high range is comparatively easier.

    Great tips.



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