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    Yee HAW!
    Taken from the website for the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6
    (to be found at ). Look in the "Careers" section.

    An intelligence service with a global reach and capability needs people with a global outlook. Gathering secret intelligence to advance Britain's national interests in a rapidly changing and demanding international environment calls for staff who thrive on challenge and who are not afraid to take well-calculated decisions under pressure. From operations to corporate management and IT our staff share a 'can-do' approach and determination to get the job done. They enjoy work that is stimulating, often exciting, always varied, and, in the technical field, often cutting-edge. But a career in SIS offers more than just the opportunity to develop professional skills in a fascinating, fast moving and testing workplace. What motivates the high-calibre people who make SIS their career is the chance it gives them to make a real difference to the UK."

    James Bond... where are you?

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