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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by WyldeBill66, Jan 15, 2009.

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    This is the best piece of advice - take an eraser too - put them on the music stand and use them. Even professionals use a pencil.
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    Jul 16, 2008
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    Outstanding! Try to get into all little groups and school/churchs bands or musical ensembles to keep going. Also I'll like to recomend the Carmine Carusso book. I was kind of retire from music for four years and then got bitted again. My chops were suffering from lack of use until a friend recommended this book. Right from the start I felt the difference and because the purpose of it is not beauty, but exercise, my chops were getting better and ready in about two months. Go for it and try it.
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    like I listed in the post, its Standard of Excellence new method book.

    I also found something called
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    Hey!! has anybody gives a chance to the small ensembles? Brass quintet, brass choirs and quartets are great to build up experience. I used to play in a family brass quintet in my youth (1975-80) and it was a challenging but great experience. Still playing in small ensembles today, dancing bands, concert bands and anything I can get my trumpet into. Of course I have to compete with younger guys there, but that's just half the fun. I use all my experience and every trick in my book to surprise them and never back up from a chart. Palying and performing do not have to be a painful-traumatic experience, get there with a positive attitude, know your level of proficiency, throw yourself in, have fun and hope for the best.
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    I just came back to the trumpet about a month ago. We have 2 community bands in my area, The Silver Cornet Band, and Mostly Brass. I figured I'd get my chops back in shape, and come summer, when these 2 bands launch into their busy time, I'll give it a try. I have been playing at church, but only 2 songs during the worship service.:play:
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    Congratulations Bill!

    The local band is a reason to play the things that make you better instead of only the stuff that you already can. Keep us informed!

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