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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lovevixen555, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Ok I bought this off ebay for $51 and it could easily pass for new in almost every way.

    Pros: Fit and Finish is just as good as any of the major player's in the domestic trumpet market. The design is very pleaseing to the eye and looks very classic.The valves are silky smooth and responcive. The first and third saddle and ring work as smooth as you would expect. Their are bumbers on first and third slides as well. It is heavier then my Getzen 300 but lighter then my Reynolds Medalist. The nickle is very bright and the lacquer is absolutely beautiful. It has a very solid and well made fell when you handle it.

    Con's: From a design stand point I do not like how thin and flimsy the top and bottom caps feel. They also are hard to grip because of a decrotive round edge that goes around the middle of the cap's. I am also not impressed with the way the threads where cut on the cap's it makes them very finiky when you try to get them threaded back on the valve engine. I definately see a set of custom caps from Picket brass in this horns future!!

    The only damage to this trumpet is a small wrinkle at the top of the bell. For $51 it was a steal! The case that came with it is very nice and in like new condition. I like that it has a spot just for valve oil in addition to the mouthpiece spot. It holds a round bottle of Blue Juice perfectly. It also has the usualy hidden compartment and the space up front for mutes and such. It has two latch's with a third alignment piece inthe middle. It is wood, foam, synthetic fiber cloth and fake leather/vinyl. Oh the main tuneing slide is stuck. I am hopeing that it is was because the tempature outisde where it was sitting was 7°F and maybe the grease was just hard as a rock. The other slides all came out but they where drier then I would like. I oiled everything with Breek Free and will let it soak for at least a day to disolve and the junk that builds up.

    It came with a bottle of Blue Juice about 1/3 full and a bottle of Micro Lube about 1/3 full.

    As soon as I get it clean I will play test it and tell you what I think. Even with the wrinkle in the bell it is not that bad of a wrinkle so I doubt it will effect the play testing.

    Based on this student model I would love to see and play one of their pro-models. I would not hesistant to purchase a jupiter trumpet based on this student models build quality. It is definately much more solid feeling then the preety Eastman rental my son had for his first two months playing trumpet.

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