just coming back-new olds special cornet

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lousta52, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Nor Mine - funny thing though ..... when I tell her she's wrong .... well that's when the fight starts, nah just kidding, she's a sweetie.
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    Jan 28, 2011
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    Then there are several of us that have been playing straight through for 50+ years and we call ourselves old fart trumpet players; and we also say welcome!
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    Here's a list of community bands. Maybe it'll help, even though it's a bit out of date:

    Community Band and Orchestra Contact Info

    Here's the list sorted by state:

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  4. Ed Lee

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    Lousta, a comeback is possible ... I'm doing it now at age 75. My first comeback was after a 40 year lapse wherein I felt as if I regained 90% of my former capability but came to an abrupt end in 2009 with major dental issues as then followed with major health issue in 2010. Both issues are now behind me now and presently I'd estimate I'm again at 50% but expect to greatly improve this by the end of this year. My chops are just about up to it, but endurance is still lacking what I want it to be. My pulmonologist is helping me somewhat ... I blow up a lot of mini balloons and use quite a few lung exercisers, Getting very accurate with pea shooters at 12 feet distance ... freezy straws are just the right size. A coffee straw is the right size for dry rice, but the rice wobbles in flight and loses accuracy. I use even a smaller coffee straw to set my mouthpiece properly, these will pass through the smallest mouthpiece throat I have. Still dentures now are distracting without the natural feel, but I'm having fun! Time now for my afternoon practice session ... bye!

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