Just Curious Trumpet Performance Degrees.

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    Actually, Germany is going through this right now. There have been several leading politicians that have been driven from office due to copy/paste without footnotes. Before getting indignant, it may be interesting to note that some of the politicians graduated Summa cum laude. This means that the evaluation of their work by the universities was everything except cum laude. How can it be possible to grant the highest honor without noticing that something is wrong?

    What is interesting for me is HOW they found the plagiarism. It turns out that there are common phrases to combine thoughts that do not belong to the writer. Computer programs analysed the doctoral thesis and spit out a lot of stuff for closer scrutiny. For those that understand german, this site is an eye opener: VroniPlag Wiki

    These techniques are also useful here at TM. Most of the time it is VERY easy to read where the poster stole their information and if any personal experience is involved at all. It is most interesting when you challenge the post.
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    If you are seriously interested, you should contact the UNT School of Music, in Denton, Texas. UNT is the largest music school in the USA...and this is one example where bigger IS better!

    UNT College of Music | Home
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    Quick fact check, Hersuth also went to the New England Conservatory of Music and studied with Georges Mager, Principal trumpet with the Boston Symphony. That's how he got the job with Chicago.

    What I've found interesting in this discussion is the trend to think only about degrees as a tool for a job. I went to a music school to learn about music and to become a better trumpet player/ musician. There i was exposed to more music than I ever would have on my own. Chamber music, solo music large ensembles. Access to their music library. classes in Music Theory, Music History, Ear training, Studies in the literature.

    If all you are interested in is the degree than you are really missing the point. Of course if you want to teach the degree is needed, but that shouldn't be the only reason you go to school.
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