Just got an AustinWinds Stage40LT!

Discussion in 'Horns' started by gdong, Jun 12, 2008.

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    Jun 7, 2008
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    I just got my Stage40LT in the mail today. Doug Mains was a blast to work with in getting the horn, very professional and I highly recommend his company.

    The horn is great, heavy lead pipe and heavy trim kit that I got special from them. The horn is super centered, and can produce a MASSIVE sound at all volumes and in all registers. I was initially skeptical about this horn for the first few minutes because it felt very large and seemed like the upper register would be unplayable. But I was wrong, the horn felt very open and agreeable all the way up to DHC and "squealing" above that (all I can manage ATM) all come out nice and clean. The low register is also nice and full. The slots are very solid, and the targets on each note are very large. Articulating specific pitches felt very secure.

    One thing to note about the horn is the mouthpiece receiver. The heavy receiver really helps to focus the sound and get it out the bell. Makes me feel like im wasting no energy at all. The problem, however, is that due to the nature of the receiver, it WILL NOT FIT MONETTE MOUTHPIECES that are typically shorter in length to traditional mouthpieces. After a phonecall, i discovered that they make a version of the horn with a standard heavy reciever and offered to ship me one the next day. Playing the horn with standard mouthpieces was a blast, but this is a warning to any who might want to play a monette mouthpiece on it. get the standard receiver or get Kanstul copies of whatever you use with the appropriate length shank.

    I'm going to recomend this horn to anyone and everyone, a real superhorn and a job well done by AustinWinds!

    I cant wait to get one of their flugelhorns!

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