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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by bachstradivarius, Mar 10, 2013.

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    31 is not old, and you aren't a beginner. Being mature, you're way ahead of the "stupid things I did while in College" contest, which will allow you more time to practice and study. You aren't testosterone driven, having been there, done that, and 20 year-old flute players have nothing against us a 31 year-old. Vulgani of my age don't fare so well.

    You have a dream, to be sure, as most music majors, but you also have purpose, and that will be a huge advantage. You'll get cheap tickets for football and basketball games, too!
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    Sep 27, 2012
    I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my own heart for all your encouragement. I can see now that I am well ahead of the game and that I'm not anywhere near too old to be living out this dream, in fact, I'm just getting started. I just want to clarify that my ultimate dream is to play, it really doesn't have to be a "professional" gig perse but as long as I'm playing well I'm going to be happy. Starting next week I'm going to be acquiring my new Arban's book and am going to start shredding that version of the Carnival of Venice, which from what I've heard is an absolute beast.(lol) Anyways I will be going back to school in pursuance of education in lieu of knowing that even though playing my passion my stronger fire comes from teaching. I absolutely love to teach and watch younger players grow right before my eyes but with that in mind I have one question that's been kinda bugging me and maybe you can answer it for me and explain if it's arrogance or just plain confidence. In my lifetime I have had the pleasure of listening to two top world class performers, they are Phil Smith of the NY Philharmonic and of course we all know the infamous Allen Vizzutti. (grin) Any ways both times I have heard them and was expecting some kind of "awe" from their playing since they are world class but I never did get that feeling, in fact, the feeling I got was "that's it? that's all it takes to make it? Well darn I can do
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    My 2 cents... It is never too late to make a change in your life, especially when it is one that would be to your betterment. I found myself in a similar position five years ago; working a job that I was not thrilled with, and feeling unfulfilled. At age 34, I returned to school and completely changed careers. It was a big step, but the payoff was big as well. it turned out to be well worth the risk. It is totally up to you. We have such a short little stretch of time in this rock to make our marks and do what we love, so I say jump in with both feet! I wish you the best.

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