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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by niceguy, Jan 7, 2015.

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    Oct 26, 2003
    Something else I would suggest is that you find an outlet other than the practice room. Initially, you'll probably have to spend a fair amount of time practicing, just to get your chops back to a place where you can play, but if you don't find some kind of direction or goal, you may not stick with it very long. With that in mind, look into a community band if you have one nearby. Most junior colleges have some kind of community band program that you can get involved in once you get back to a point where you can play and read music well enough, and that will give you the direction you need to persevere.

    Personally, my playing has always been ensemble and performance oriented - if I didn't have some kind of gig or performance somewhere near on the horizon, at this point in my life I'd probably hang it up for good. I've been with the horn fairly consistently for about 34 years. I started in school in 5th grade at age 11, so I always had the next chair placement tryout or band concert to push toward, along with regular rehearsal time. In high school there were solo and ensemble music contests and honor bands, as well as the occasional church performance, and after high school there was the Army band program, (10 years) Latin bands, big bands, wedding bands, weddings, and other church gigs. The point is, I was always involved, always had a direction, and always tried to keep a gig or performance on the horizon - it's what pushes me to keep my chops in shape and stay on top of the music that I'll eventually be performing. Looking back, I see it as an essential element toward any musical endeavor I've undertaken.

    I know some people who are content to be practice room players, but I never was, and with as busy as life can be, if there isn't a direction forward, it's easy to simply stop and put it away in lieu of other endeavors that are going to have some kind of payoff for your time.

    Good luck with it and keep us posted! Welcome to the forum!
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    Ditto on community band, you'll relearn a lot and it is always more fun to play with others, Jazz is in the player not the horn. Be very carefull N+1 hits hard
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    Welcome to TrumpetMaster, niceguy! It's never too late to get back into playing. You'll get lots of great advice from some remarkably accomplished trumpeters here. My two cents worth is this: You will face occasional major discouragement from within. Overcoming this is part of the challenge of not only trumpet playing, but life itself. Stick with it and know that you will always have support here at TM.
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    That horn ought to be good enough for awhile. Lessons, sure. Finding a beginner-friendly community band might be an excellent next step, once you're recovered your basic ability. They exist for both concert and jazz music.
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    Never too late. Took a 25 year hiatus and picked it up at 43! Get a Getzen Severinsen if you want a great jazz horn. I would recommend a Getzen 900H but they are truly rare and seldom sold.
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    Welcome to TM, niceguy. Best wishes in your comeback.


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