WTS: Kanstul Rotary C trumpet 1506

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    Practically brand new Kanstul rotary C trumpet. Rotors are not even broken in yet. Has a modern Zirnbaur rotor block and is in lacquer. Removable mouth-pipe and 3rd slide trigger. This horn has a Kanstul bell and sound great. It also has a very even and stable scale. The mouthpipe works great with standard taper mouthpieces, no need to go down the rabbit hole trying to find a Breslmair.

    These horns are $3500 new ($4700 retail), which is already a bargain in the rotary trumpet market. I'm selling without a case or mouthpiece for $2000 shipped in the USA. I played a few things on this instrument, but now I need the cash to finance the last year of my DMA. Shipping is on the buyer and should be about $30-$50.

    Please contact me for pictures. [email protected].

    More information on this instrument: Kanstul.com

    Photos of the horn: kanstul rotary C: Trumpet Herald - placed May. 12, 2014 by 'gdong' in C trumpets

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