Kanstul Vs. other OEM horns by Kanstul

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    There seems to be some confusion on other forums about horns my father manufactures for other companies. One misunderstanding is that he makes inferior product for other companies. HE NEVER MAKES INFERIOR PRODUCT. EVERYTHING HE MAKES PLAYS GREAT! I never said it any other way and I don't appreciate other companies he makes for insinuating I said it was inferior. BUTTT--I did say you can basically GET THE SAME THING in his- CUSTOM CLASS LINE- custom made the way you want FOR LESS!!! All you have to do is give me a call. 480-753-3468 And I also said he keeps his intimate knowledge of a tapered tube for his top line, the signature and symphonic series to himself. THEY ARE BETTER THAN GREAT-THEY ARE INCREDIBlE!!! So if you want to play the best Kanstul has to offer give Jack Kanstul a call. You'll get treated like family because with me it is family.

    To The Choice-It's always yours with Kanstul Music

    Jack Kanstul

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