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    Hi Gang!

    I just wanted to write a few thoughts on how the night went for everyone to check out!

    I honestly thought the night couldn't have better! I was so happy that we had a GREAT turnout at the church. I would conservatively guess that we had around 100 people there. I thank all the TPIN, TH, TM, and rec.music. players that took an interest in helping out my dear friend Karen!

    The night started with a beautiful sound clip of Karen playing "la Virgen de Macarena"! She sounded absolutely fantastic on the clip and that was a really great way to start off the evening's festivities.

    Next up was the group that I play in with Karen, the Innovata Brass. Members of the group are:

    Karen Antonio-Muenzinger and Trent Austin: Trumpet
    Stephen Nadel: Horn
    Peter Charig: Trombone
    Mike Milnarik: Tuba

    Because of the her condition Karen did not play tonight. We had a bunch of great players in the Boston area donate their talents for the evening and while we'll talk about them in a few minutes the absolute musical highlight for me was playing next the great trumpeter Jens Lindemann. If you know how Jens plays (www.trumpetsolo.com) you'll realize that he's absolutely world class. It was a total surprise to Karen (Jens and Karen have worked together in the Innovata Brass) that Jens was playing. I kept this a secret so in case she did stumble onto the WWW posts I wouldn't let the cat out of the bag. We were very fortunate to have Jens play, he just happened to be in NYC on the 8th and 9th... he took a train up and stayed with David Ohanian (former Empire/Canadian Brass horn virtuoso... more on him in a few).

    On a personal note I want to say that playing with Jens was an absolute treat! He basically sight read all of the Innovata material and was spot on! His amazing technique, passion, musicality, and sense of humor made playing with him so much fun! I thought I'd be a little intimidated by him but he quickly made me at ease in the small rehearsal.

    I also took a little moment near the end of our set to thank everyone and tell Karen about the great auction being held on ebay. I want to let Leigh now (as I know he'll be reading this email) that Karen sends you a huge hug and was absolutely shocked and humbled by your amazing gesture!

    Next up to play was the Portland Brass, a group made up of members of the Portland, ME symphony. Karen had subbed with them many times and they very graciously donated a wonderful set of music. The members of that group were:

    John Schnell and Betty Rines: Trumpet
    John Boden: Horn
    Mark Manduca: Trombone
    Mike Milnarik: Tuba

    Their music sounded absolutely glorious in the church and they played with amazing musicality. I especially liked Laura, that featured John Boden on horn (one of the absolutely great horn players in the Northeast). John and Betty's ornamentations on the Baroque music were very creative and musical. One point during the concert John Schnell turned to the audience and said "It might not look like we're having fun, but we sure are!" ... that's probably because our set with Innovata was way over the top (Jens and I were pretty crazy last night)

    After the raffles (with all the proceeds going to Karen) we had a Brass Choir play the Dukas "Fanfare from La Peri" and a couple of Gabrielli pieces. The players were the members above from the two quintets as well as the following players who came and played. I cannot thank them enough for donating their amazing talents as well to this concert:

    Terry Everson and Joe Foley: Trumpets (BU faculty and virtouso soloists/orchestral players!)

    David Ohanian: Horn (Canadian/Empire Brass etc)

    Steve Cooley: Bass Trombone (top call with all the major Boston groups)

    My wife said that this part of the program was "like getting a big hug from Brass!" I couldn't have said it any better than that. Karen said some thank yous that I'll never forget and showed to everyone there how incredibly brave and strong she is!

    I'll post some pics in the next couple of days and again want to thank EVERYONE for helping to make last night one of my personal musical highlights of my life! It truly warmed my heart and soul to feel the love in that church last evening.

    God bless you all,


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