Lacquer or Nickel Finnish?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by prls1power, May 25, 2012.

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    bright and dark is more a product of the horn's bore and shape than it is of finish. What horn do you want to sound bright? I can throw silver , nickel or whatever finish on my Martin and it will still sound Dark. Ditto for the Calicchio always sounding bright. You could also change your mouthpiece set up to a shallower cup and see if that doesn't brighten things up.
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    The bore has NOTHING to do with projection and dark/bright. This is a myth as old as trumpets. The frequency response of the horn is primarily controlled by the bell and mouthpiece. What the player thinks is happening is governed primarily by the braces and thickness of the bell (this governs the feedback to the player - which is also loss of energy to the audience). The leadpipe, receiver and mouthpiece primarily control the blow and intonation. The bore has really very little to say about anything. The only thing happening in the bore is the standing wave in the trumpet. There are very dark and very bright large bore horns.

    The same goes for the lead or symphonic player with a Bach 37 (or Schilke, or Xeno, .......). In the hands of one, it screams - for the other it caresses.
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    BTW, you looking for a finish for all those Pintos and Rangers you're amassing? :D
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    I sure hope you're not russian into any hasty conclusions here, norway-ing the evidence in a prejudicial fashion- just saying. :roll:

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