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Discussion in 'Horns' started by NYTC, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. NYTC

    NYTC Forte User

    Nov 1, 2004
    I would really like to hear your opinions on Lawler trumpets. I am really interested in any and all great horns out there. Let's all share our experiences.All great trumpets deserve their own thread.I will start with Mr.Lawler's horns.I have great respect for him and his work of art.

  2. cmcdougall

    cmcdougall Piano User

    Feb 3, 2005
    Model-T was my second choice beaten only by the Monette B-993 which i ordered, an AMAZING deal for how much horn you get, 20 times better than a Bach but not 20 times more expensive.
  3. JackD

    JackD Mezzo Forte User

    Nov 30, 2003
    Manchester / London
    I think these things look gorgeous. Unfortunately, they're one of the many trumpets I've never had a chance to try.
  4. dave_59

    dave_59 New Friend

    Jan 12, 2005
    cmcdougall, if the lawler was so good, why did you pay 4 times the price for a monette?
  5. tpter1

    tpter1 Forte User

    Jan 12, 2005
    Northern New York
    I bought my TL Bb last fall. Our principal plays on one, as does my old college professor, and a few other players I know. After hearing them, I decided to try one when my Yamaha went "belly up".

    Immediately, I noticed a difference. The horn is even and consistent register to register, warm, rich and full sounding (6r bell, 1a leadpipe, raw brass). The valves are the best I ever played on. Smooth, quiet, fast. The tuning slides are equally smooth and fast.

    Intonation is fantastic.

    Further, I can push the horn above a 50 piece wind ensemble without any trouble, and play absolutely whisper quiet.
  6. cmcdougall

    cmcdougall Piano User

    Feb 3, 2005
    dave_59, because the Monette was 4 times better.
  7. richtom

    richtom Forte User

    Dec 7, 2003
    I am the owner of a Lawler TLBC in silver plate. It is the .459 bore and looks exactly like the one on Roy's website.
    After playing various Bachs and Yamahas for the last 20 years, and a Burbank Benge 5X for 15 years before, I can say this horn is above them all. The intonation, ease of response, and its cameleon-like personality allows me a versatility and range I did not know I had.
    This horn can bark, soar, and sing in a sweet manner I never before experienced on a Bb. The blow is open and even and yet the slots are "right there". This horn does not need to be wrestled with and because of this, there is greater endurance. The Getzen valves are lightning quick and as good as my Bach's valves are, the Getzen valves are a substantial improvement.
    In my old Bach, which is a good one, I was using Steve Haefner's outstanding 1HX series mouthpieces. With this horn, I did not need the extra "oomph" Steve's mouthpiece provide and I was able to downsize back to the GR e65 series I used before I went to Steve's slightly bigger models. After some conversation with GR and Brian, I decided to go with the e65 C* model and I can tell you that after 40 years of playing, I have never been better musically or technically.
    Had I had the $$$, I would have investigated a lighter Monette. I believe that many of the Monette principles of playing are spot on. You must be relaxed and you must play down to the center of the pitch and I use that approach with this instrument with excellent results. Whether my Lawler/GR combo plays as well as a Monette would is a moot question. I am assured that what I have is outstanding and works well for me.
    The Lawler is a top-notch horn and Roy is a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to order another horn from Roy and in fact, despite the fact I have and outstanding Bach C (239/25A large bore in silver) , I may look into selling it and purchasing a Model T C trumpet.

    Not all horns match everyone and I am not terribly concerned with who plays what, but Lawlers are truly excellent trumpets.

    Rich Tomasek
  8. dave_59

    dave_59 New Friend

    Jan 12, 2005
    yeah i bet a monette is 4 times better.
    my arse
  9. cmcdougall

    cmcdougall Piano User

    Feb 3, 2005
    Well i guess you wont know until you've tried both, then you can formulate your own opinion, Monettes are worth every cent you pay for them because of the extreme customer service, time spent building their horns, and attention to detail,Lawlers are worth their price most certainly but i wouldn't have dropped enough money to buy 5 Model T's on one horn unless i thought the price was not just justified but more than justified.
  10. Heavens2kadonka

    Heavens2kadonka Forte User

    Jun 17, 2004
    Lebanon, TN
    Yup, its all in the player. I bet there are people out there who would rather play an Olds Ambassador than a Monette.

    Truthfully, I would almost be too afraid to play the Monette, after I've spent all that money on it, lol. I still handle my 1503 like fine china, and it costs *MUCH* less than the Monettes! :D

    Still, I would love to try a Model T, and a Prana....

    Dave, have you played a Monette?


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