Lead mouthpiece?

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    I fully concur with all advice about practice (smart practice) being the most helpful.

    I will add that I grew to like the "W" Bach rims when I was in marching band and drum corps. I still use an 11EW for lead work, mostly out of the familiarity of the feel of that fat rim. The cup has nearly an identical profile to my Schilke 12B4, but I find it vastly more comfortable for extended high register work. There is a 3CW, I have no experience with it and can offer no advice as to whether it might be of help.
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    Everyone's heard the demonstrations of great players popping out double C's with 1C toilet bowls. It's a great way to kill yourself. Just yesterday, a great pro illuminated his need for going from large to small and back again. He's, at heart, a classical player but makes his $ as an astounding lead man, and he never plays a mouthpiece that will give him the wrong sound for the gig. I'd say match the mpc with the sound you're going after. I had two mpcs in high school, one for concert and orchestra, one for jazz band. I believe that practicing on both really helped my development back then. What happened now is a different story. :-00
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    I would just suggest staying with a 3C. I am a Jr and also playing lead trumpet this year in marching band. And i will admit i have some parts where i may have to hit a high D. So i would suggest that you do BUILD UP ENDURANCE in the above staff areas when practicing. This will help greatly get accustomed to your show better. But don't be playing B's or higher above the staff the day of a show or competition. Keep it low key at that point. But in your off days like for evening rehersal and etc.... just practice that upper register and i promise it will get easier soon. This is coming from a guy who loves screaming high notes. ;) GOOD LUCK AS 1st TRUMPET AND CONGRATS! :D

    BTW, i am using a Blessing 3C For all my playing and range.
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    I just don't worry about which mouthpiece I use and "make do" as well as I can with whatever is available, be it for trumpet, cornet and my piccolo trumpet, a mellophone in F, a euphonium or trombone, or a tuba and Sousaphone and I have and play some that not many trumpeters on TM ever mention, inclusive but not limited to the Assymmetic and Parduba. To me its mostly a matter of comfort and lately has been between a Bach 6 and Blessing 5C. When I want notes above a C3, I find it so much easier and more comfortable to play them on a piccolo trumpet. I do prefer a medium wide and rounded rim. For cornet and picc, I do like my Benge 7C.
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    How dare you call yourself a trumpeter!!!:D:D:lol:ROFL
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    I merge my Jettone to my Martin Committee when I am in my Big Band but go to the Olds 3 for most of my work in the quintet. Darker sound with the Olds 3. The Jettone doesn't give me a higher range, just allows me to play longer with less fatigue.
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    Where did you hear this? I've never seen any where, or heard, that Maynard played a #15-16 throat on his trumpets. I am sure there are guys who try this but I've never met a pro that plays a throat this big on a trumpet. Cornet or flugel, sure, but not a trumpet (unless it's a ***e**e). Most reliable info put Maynard around a #22-24. I know some Maynard geeks that have a lot of the stuff he used. Never saw a #15-16 throat on any of the mpc's. Op should practice in the highest part of his register and experiment after the season so a sensible choice can be made.
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    At approximately 2:10 here: Maynard Ferguson on Equipment - YouTube

    Set your clock to Local's posts. I will not post something if it can't be backed up with facts. If something is just my opinion? Will state this too.

    Local is our man on the job.
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