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    Dec 14, 2003
    I am looking for either a place to aquire a leadpipe for my cornet or to have a new one made for it. I have a cornet that I love, a Buescher True Tone from the early early 1900's. Does anyone have any advice on where to look or who to contact. Also my cornet mouthpiece almost fits but not quite. It fits in and will stay in but is loose enough to spin around where as the mouthpieces on my other horns won't. I have never had this problem with a mouthpiece before. I guess that it just doesn't fit quite far enough in to fit tightly. Would it be wise to have a little cut off the end of the mouthpiece shank so that it would fit tighter (gets fatter as it gets closer to cup, standard Bach) or would it be wiser to either look for a mouthpiece with a wider shank or to have a bach cup put on a fatter shank?
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    If it "spins around", it is more likely that the mouthiece shank either doesn't have enough taper or is too long and is bottoming out. In either case it will 'seat' only on the very tip of the shank and this allows it to "spin". As I recall from my father-in-laws old Beuscher trumpet, those have a very narrow bore but a standard mouthpiece fit them fine. What you may have is a stretched out receiver.

    You did not say what mouthpiece you have; I would take the instrument and the mouthpiece to a shop and have a service tech look at it and tell you what the "real problem" is and then make plans accordingly for either some instrument repair or mouthpiece selection (Warburton makes shanks designed for slightly oversized receivers...their "B" series shank).

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