leaky embouchure when tonguing/stuck mouthpiece/faster attack

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Vstern, Aug 7, 2011.

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    When I tongue relatively quickly and successively, particularly when playing staccato, my lips start to leak saliva. It's annoying because the mouthpiece slips around, I can't position well, and then I can't play well. I have to wipe my lips but saliva will just leak out again. This only happens when I practice at home because none of the band music has rapid tonguing. I have been practicing rapid staccato for only a month now, so I may just need more time. I have a gap between my front two upper front teeth, so my method of tonguing is like this: tighten corners; put tongue directly between lips; it has nothing to do with teeth. Any solutions?

    P.S. This happens when I single-tongue, which I do because double-tonguing doesn't sound staccato enough to me at certain speeds.

    After playing an exercise, I put my trumpet down on my bed for a break. I knocked over a cup of ice-water and squatted to clean it up. My bum accidentally pushed down on the bell and trumpet hit the floor, first the bell then mouthpiece. There was no visible damage and I removed the mouthpiece with difficulty but without pliers; I just used my hand and a slight twisting motion as if I were removing it normally. Nothing seems bent but I needed elbow grease to remove it. I warmed down after that with no problem. I will clean the mouthpiece and receiver. Any other suggestions?

    Generally, faster air=higher notes, but not without strength to back it up. My jazz band instructor said to the trumpet section: you have to let the air flow to get those notes. You can't *hunches up shoulders, exaggerates puckered lips, hesitates, then blows* and expect it to come out. You have to *takes breath and blows* let it flow. I never use my shoulders to play or breathe, and I am certain of that; but high C and above doesn't just flow for me, either. Now my actual question: How can I attack faster? I don't hesitate before exhaling, and I often take a few counts for a full breath before a note to ensure that. Would it be better to breathe just before the note? I want to do this: airinairout; the lack of spaces between those words symbolizing an almost instant change in direction. But I never feel like I'm doing that, and I know that hesitating can mess up an attack.
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    you have lots of "stuff" going on here ... the biggest thing is all the stuff you are thinking about.. that's good and sometimes not so good.
    first.. the mouthpiece has to be pulled straight out .. you may have dodged a bullet this time.. most music shops do it for free .. twisting is a no no ... but at least you didn't resort to plyers.
    The leak thing ... my take is the tonguing exposes weakness in the chops .. so with practice it should improve..as will the tonguing speed ...and your range .. just keep practicing ... you don't have to play super loud either. Their is a fine line between tonguing too hard and just enough ..... I hope you have a private instructor..if not now is definitely the time to seek one out... you are motivated...that's good ... an instructor will speed up your progress ALOT.
    I am going to leave the breathing question to more knowledgable players than myself here on the forum.

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