left hand position while holding your trumpet

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    I am the same as coolerdave, my fingers are long and skinny and there is a lot or room in the ring and when my finger is extended it barely moves the valve without me having to move my left hand then i have to transfer the weight to my right hand and that aint good. also my slide is kinda slow or tight, probably through lack of use.

    Im thinking of wrapping tape round my finger to fatten it up?
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    Usually have a beer in my left hand so I squeeze tight with my right hand
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    been there.. done that
    I did play around with it today and figured out if I push up towards the top of the ring I can move it a whole lot easier. It really doesn't take much pressure to move it, I just have to put some skin on it. We'll see how this works out over the next couple of months.
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    See Greg Spence free lesson about buzzing and the lead pipe!
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    Rafael Mendez could and did play a variety of music.

    Here is a piece that could take most players a little bit of practice to duplicate: Moto Perpetuo performed by Rafael Mendez - YouTube

    And a sampler including Big Band/Swing: Amazon.com : Music Sampler

    When was the last time you played a Polka? Notice the left hand position: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIpostqDSyU


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