Leon Rapier Tribute at ITG 2006

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    Hi, I thought many of you would like to know of this (Trumpetvrouw in particular).

    From http://www.louisville.edu/music/tunnell/rapier.html

    Leon Rapier was Professor of Trumpet at the University of Louisville School of Music and Principal Trumpet in the Louisville Orchestra from 1954 to 1988. He has been awarded the ITG Award of Merit which will be presented at the International Trumpet Guild Conference at Rowan University in New Jersey in June 2006. We are trying to organize a reunion of former students at this event, the dates of which are from June 6 to June 10. Please read the article (Adobe .pdf file ), Leon Rapier: A Tribute, by Michael Tunnell, on pages 29 - 40 of the May, 1988 International Trumpet Guild Journal. You can also watch a full-length video of an interview with Leon Rapier by downloading and playing this DVD file: rapier.dvd

    Several former students include: C. J. Alexius, John Aley, Jerry Amend, Pat Badger, Fred Baker, Clifford Blackburn, Dallas Blair, Stacy Blair, Dan Bowles, Richards Burkart, Barbara Butler, Charlie Butler, Norbert Carnovale, Randell Croley, Jim Debth, Mike Doyle, Tom Fairlie, Carl Fontana, Earl Gaar, Gerry Gerbrecht, Tom Giles, Pat Harbison, Keith Jones, Gene King, Richard Lehman, Everett McCurdy, Pat McGuffey, Ariel Numhauser, Natalo Paella, Steve Plank, Russ Plylar, Paul Randall, David Rogers, John Rommel, Bernard Sanchez, Mike Santorelli, David Scott, Richard Stoelzel, Byron Strippling, Arthur Swift, John Tardy, Bob Tucci, Michael Tunnell, Allen Vizzutti, Billy Wick, Herman Vincent, and David Zuercher.

    Any contact information or additional information you could give us would be greatly appreciated. You can contact Michael Tunnell at 502-852-7857, or [email protected].
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    Thank you PH. All necessary emails have been sent. :-)

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