Less guitar playing= MORE trumpet playing,due to R.A.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by guitarsrmine, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Hello all.....its been awhile since I started an arg......umm.... I mean POSTED on here, LOL........here's whats going on in my world. For the last 5 years of my comeback(?) after having been away for 27 years, Ive been playing guitar in a local club band.....actually, I belong to 4 bands, however, only 1 of them work regularly. I do get to play trumpet in 2 of the bands, the busiest 2......however, recently, my rheumatoid arthritis has flared up so bad, Im having trouble holding my guitar pick.....I know, this isnt a guitar website,I know.......Im probably going to have to make a decision on if it's worth the pain and frustration to keep playing guitar.....BUT, on the up-side, the R.A. doesn't seem to bother me when playing trumpet......I don't actually have to use fine motor skills or dexterity like when I try to hold a guitar pic.......since it takes both hands to hold the horn, its actually not bothering me.......the big drawback is, if I have to give up guitar, is that Im not gonna get much work around here playing trumpet........its a tough time Im having here, but I know GOD always opens doors for me.....are there any other R.A. sufferers on this forum???? And if so, does it make it difficult for you to play trumpet???Im only 52,but this battle has been on-going for 15 years...........Id like to hear some input,friends!!!! Have a great day,all!!!:)
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    If guitar is difficult due to R.A. whereas trumpet playing doesn't bother it, go with the trumpet. What other instrument or instruments interest you? About you not getting much work where you are as a trumpeter every trumpeter accepts that reality. Ask someone in your area about either the Feldenkrais or Alexander Technique in relation to your R.A.
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    While I don't have RA, I do have the arthritis you get when age 60 is in the rearview mirror and receeding. My hands, expecially the knuckles of my index fingers and my thumbs give me a real problem sometimes. The only problem I really have is with my left hand when playing cornet. There isn't as much room to grip as with a full sized turmpet, so I keep having to change positions of my left hand to shift the pain around.

    I also play guitar and have the problem of my thumb and index finger occasionally losing control of the pick due to arthritis. I ran across Herco Flat/Thumbpicks made by Dunlop (Dunlop Manufacturing :: Guitar Picks :: :: Herco® Flat/Thumbpicks) in a music store a couple of years ago and found they help me keep playing when my joints flare up. The pick took some getting used to, but I find I don't have to grip it as hard and use my index finger more to guide than grip until I have to really dig in on an acoustic strum. I am certain my arthritis is nowhere as severe as yours, but I hope this helps some.

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