Less warm up time needed?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Myshilohmy, Mar 8, 2009.

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    Before this class, you should play before band. Either at home or get to school early. It will take only 10 to 15 minutes to be ready. You can mpc buzz for 5 minutes, easy slurs in an easy register. After that I have an easy exercse that you can do for 5 mintes on the horn. If you would like,I can send it to you. Contact me via e mail. A few minutes of lip flapping first is great. It's how I start my day.
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    You've received a LOT of good info here. The only thing I'll add to it is what the French Horn professor said to a "brass class" (we ALL were playing horn mind you) one summer while I was in college. He said that ALL brass players should have a good "established" warm-up that takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes. (I agree with this statement) Then ALL brass players should have a "quick" warm-up that takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

    My normal warm-up falls into the 1st category. However, if need be I can be playing in less that 15 minutes. I have to say that I hate doing it, but I CAN do it. So, what do I do? Soft chromatic scales starting on 2nd line G going down to low F# & back up to 4th space C. I do that a couple times SOFTLY. Then I "extend it" up to the G on top of the staff using a warm-up that my trumpet professor in college had us all do. (for the life of me I can't remember what it was called, though. PLEASE don't tell him!! :roll:) I continue that exercise up to high C (2 leger lines above the staff). The last thing I do is one more chromatic scale starting on 2nd line G up to 4th space C down to low F# & back up to 2nd line G. Now...all of this is proceeded by lip flapping, MP buzzing & CONCENTRATION & FOCUS on what you're about to do!!! If your head ain't in the game you might as well not play!!

    That's my "short version". If I have time I go into a lot more stuff with plenty of breaks to get my face feeling right. Once you have a good "normal" warm-up in for the day the "short version" is no problem throughout the day. If you choose to do a longer warm-up at home before school I'd encourage you to ask your parents to buy you a good practice mute. That will ensure the whole family is "happy"!! :lol:
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    Never been warming up more than half minute. Just warming mouthpiece. In a classical brass-band I am joining now and then the conductor insists on hymns with long tones. This really kills me.
    I have a dixeland orchestra. Only a few is warming up a little. We do long sets from 2-4 hours. 15-20 minutes pause pr. 30 min. Some years we are playing a lot gigs and because of training we are keeping longer/performing stronger (no amps). If there are a few months since last time I played, I need to mind not to play long tones too much in high register (no matter how fun that is). If you listen to Louis Armstrong he used very much short tones. If you variate you can play longer.
    But I used to practice really a lot when I was 18 - 20. Doing long tones for hours, experimenting with the tones, while I was reading (now I am 48). Using a bach mouthpiece 1 1/4 still and a heavyweight Yamaha horn.
    Music is fun, don`t make it too serious if its not your job.
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    Guilty. It took me a long time to realise how true this is.

    Interesting thread, though. I think sometimes unnecessary stress is put on the necessity to warmup before performing whether you are sportsman or a musician. Sure it can help, but there are a lot of times you are called upon to perform without a warmup and if you have a hang up about it you're in trouble.

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