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Discussion in 'Trumpet Pedagogy' started by jdostie, Apr 12, 2008.

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Very good advice, I got the same from my teacher. He said, "you should know exactly WHY you are doing exactly WHAT you are doing." Helps keep the focus...
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    Feb 20, 2008
    Makes Good sense, thank you. Now I'm about questioned out, so if someone else wants to chime in . . .
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    Feb 20, 2008
    So I still can't seem to carve out time at lunch, so all my practice is in the evening. Sometimes kind of late - say beginning at 10:30 PM after I get home from jujutsu. So I practice - pretty much straight through, but with the brief water breaks I described previously.

    I have modified my schedule based on Rowuk's suggestion and a discussion with my teacher.
    Long tones first
    Flexibilities second
    Music third (at the moment just Trumpeter's Lullaby) which for now I am combining with the rythmic studies from Arbans. I have a few other pieces to start on, I'm trying to find a way to sandwich them in and still finish at a reasonable time. On longer days I'll add more.
    Then I'll move on to Clarke's first study - moved here because I am having trouble with the high C's toward the end - so the idea was to put it before I am too fatigued. It's better tonight, but still having trouble with that high C.
    Follow that with double tongue exercises, then triple tongue exercises
    Next on to scales - currently D and Bb
    Finally a warm down.

    There is some improvement, but it's hit and miss:
    Example, I'll be able to do a nice lip trill, and then a while later I can't (at least not at the speed/fluidity of just a few minutes before).
    Range is the same thing, last night,working through Clarke's as had the tuner out, and as I was having trouble with the C, I was using the tuner to check myself - missed below, missed below, then hit an E (badly), and finally, a weak C and then back down through the study. Yet it's very likely that if I picked up my trumpet now (20 minutes or so after I've warned down) I could "pop out" the high C (not going to try that, just an example of the spotty abilities).

    I suppose this will all come in time. My teacher says the sound is good, and I guess I can be happy with that and the little bits of progress I see. I guess I am just impatient.
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    A 30 minute work out with Herb and Max in the morning can set you up for the day.
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    Feb 20, 2008
    Herb and Max?

    Edit - never mind, I figured it out, I can be dense at times.

    At my current stage of development, there is too much to work on for 30 minutes to "set me up" for the day.
    The material I am covering takes me at least 90 minutes - probably it would take most of you considerably less . . .
    I take a lot of this very slowly especially anything that requires a lot of fingering - particularly involving the third valve.
    Or, rhythmic exercises - also much slower than written.

    I expect these to pick up in speed over time (even newer material) as I become more accustomed to reading again and also recognition of less familiar fingerings.
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