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    Hi, I just started lip buzz w/ lips rolled in and after awhile got a good buzz. I would like to know if anyone else went through the no pressure technigue and how to go about it? It seems very strange and I still want to press! I know to put the mp to get a seal but it just seems awkward! Anyone that went through this I would like to hear about how long it took and any advice would be appreciated! I am a comeback player taught the smile and I really still have to put my mind to playing w/ everything forward even after a yr. but making progress slowly. Those bad habits are a b**** to get rid of> Thanks alot For the help! Bill
  2. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    I don't know who is walking you through this change or if lip roll is even sensible. Smiling is definitely something that I don't recommend.

    In any case, plenty of long tones and easy lip slurs, memorized in front of the mirror build good habits faster than anything else that I know of. The rest should be left to one on one help by someone who can see and hear the whole picture, live.
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    The non-press method is often missunderstood.
    One has to press enough to make up for the air
    pressure, which tries to press the lips outwards.
    Non-press doesn´t mean ZERO press, it only means
    Non-Extra press against the lips.

    Also, when you lip buzz, try to sound like a female duck,
    not a male duck!:D

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