Lip compression isn't enough

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Local 357, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Jan 28, 2011
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    Like I said, Local's advice is spot on!
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    Most definitely -- and if he ever chooses to "reveal his true identity" -- people will know he is a pro. But onto the discovery portion. I am finding when the trumpet -- doesn't seem to working in the high range (anything above high C to the high A for me) --- for various reasons of dehydration, fatigue, tiredness -- or not enough Mental alertness (yes, go ahead GM and make a joke) ---- IN most cases, if I (we) are NOT focused on our playing, and getting a good start in the opening practice session --- a lot of this can be attributed to "lack of mental alertness", and NOT focusing our apertures to be "flexible" in the centers. Most of us go back to the "tension" that frustration leads to.

    In any case the trombone is a definite learning aid for me ---- for when I switch to the trombone, it helps the embouchure to relax in the center --- so while I may start a practice session with some frustration on the trumpet --- the trombone allows my embouchure to relax --- then I can get on with the trumpet playing part of my session.

    Although this would NOT necessarily be practical in a real life GIG --- it is helping me with the "learning process" of having the firm outer corners of the lips, and the loose, flexible aperture in the mpc. It's all about learning how to play ---- and then doing it, and then REPEATING that which you are able to do.
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    The practice room is the mechanic's workshop. Here, like he we define all inadequacies, address the plan to fix these areas. Including among things avoidance of everything from over training to excessive arm pressure.

    Up on the stage is another matter altogether. When the lights go up in the third set I may ram the damned mouthpiece down my throat to get the parts out. I don't care how much my body protests nor even how much pressure the teeth can take. OK well scratch that. Maybe not my teeth!

    The Indy driver does not worry about how much tread is left on his tires during the final lap.

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