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    Jul 1, 2011

    Cut inner side of lip from teeth? Only you can fix this. The mouthpiece will always apply abt the same pressure against the edge of the teeth no matter which design...

    Well what kind of inner rim edge does your Monette have? The other matter is if the rim is relatively flat. Even w/a well rounded inner rim the flat-ish rim contour can devastate the chops. Especially the upper lip of the receded jaw trumpet player.

    Note carefully the rim contour of this Al Cass mouthpiece:

    (oh crap I can't display the scan of typical Bach and Monette mouthpieces!!!)

    The secret to Al Cass's success w/his mouthpieces was, in part the continuous radius edge.

    You can bend your teeth backwards from undue arm pressure before you'll cut your lips.

    Neither is a very good option though...

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    Apr 26, 2011
    True story – for years my bottom lip would bleed on long, demanding gigs, my bottom two teeth are not straight across and create a small forward protruding ridge. It always took a few days to heal, and I was concerned with long term damage and scarring. Soooooo while at the dentist for a cleaning I talked him into smoothing out the bottom tooth that protruded. That was 6 years ago and I have not spilled a drop on a gig since, well not from playing anyway : ) And truthfully, no changes in sound, range, etc… and it feels much more comfortable playing since the good Dr. smoothed out the ridge.
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    My advice (although it doesn't really matter) is to play a real mouthpiece. (Let the flame wars begin!) ;)
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    Yeah... That's what I'm saying!

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    My cuts are definitely on the inside, no bleeding as of yet though.
    The rim itself is not as wide as my 13a4a, so the pressure isn't as distributed. Also, it's semi-round. The kicker is that the inner bite, described as "rounded", is more sharp than round.

    And yes, unfortunately, I play with a slightly receded jaw, not the best (so I've heard) for high notes, but I'll work with it
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    Dangerous, these cut rated Monettes !
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    Drink a good single malt Scotch after playing and enjoy the burn! I would suggest Balblair, just because of the name. The '65 is a bit pricey, though! Home
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    Jul 1, 2011

    Most of us probably don't have a choice about playing receded jaw or not. I try to make the best of what I have of my receded jaw chops and am still good to G all nite w/occasional notes above.

    The guy next to me last night was playing forward jaw and hit more high notes but he tired more quickly from doing too much show boating. So at the end of rehearsal I was the one left standing.

    Its all in playing the best game for YOU.
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    May 8, 2012
    Im flaming......
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    I have heard but this is not from experience (gonna get flamed for this) that unless you get the Monette mouthpieces played with "no" pressure then they can cause you to use more pressure than you are used to and cause these sorts of problems. I'm not going to have a Monette bash here because I truly don't know enough about them.

    What I have heard about the very open bores is that they can trick you into trying to get more pressure thgough the horn by yanking it into your throat. Now after playing a Wick 4 Herritage with a very open bore I began to use too much presure without realising it until my teeth began to hurt. So I guess what I am asking is your Monette tricking you into using more pressure than you think.

    PS I love the single malt advice (I once got a cask strength unfiltered 21 year old Glenlivet minature (That was a fiver 20years ago I couldn't afford a full bottle) Nectar of the Gods VB, nectar of the Gods)
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