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  1. Jerry Freedman

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    Mar 4, 2005
    Due to the tremendous variability of embouchures and the differences in teaching styles I am hesitant to recommend any form other than to use the what works for you. Reinhardt recommends flat chin, while Callet and BE talk about bunched chins and Caruso didn't care. All work, all produce good and bad players. Pragmatism wins
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    One of the ways it was taught to me early on (and I've used this explaination with my students) is to say the letter "P"
    Then say "P" with more air so that your lips vibrate
    Repeat - removing the vocalized "ee" portion of "P" while increasing the duration of the vibration
    (I hope that makes sense)

    this gets air moving, and allows you to make a good buzz with natural embouchure.

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