Lip Scar?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by TrumpetsAreFun, Oct 11, 2005.

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    May 11, 2009
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    As I read all of the possible ways to receive chops damage (by others or by self), I must count myself lucky that I never have any problems with this. My problem is my fingers - they don't move fast enough (or, more likely my brain is not sending the signals fast enough). I think that is harder to overcome than chops damage.
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    Dec 7, 2003
    Want a horror story? Here is a good one.
    It's winter, 1952. A brilliant young trumpeter - who is already setting the orchestral trumpet world on its collective ear - is driving his car when it hits ice and slides into an abutment. His face hits the steering wheel and his lower lip and lower teeth take the brunt of the impact.
    The damage is severe and much dental work is needed to repair his teeth and considerable stitches are needed to sew up his lower lip.
    Six weeks after this accident, he is back on stage. The nerves in his lower lip have not come back yet and he has a nasty scar on his lower lip. (Which is why he went from a NY Bach 7 size to the 1 size. He had to go over the scar).
    This doesn't phase him and for the next 50 years, he sits so brilliantly in the principal trumpet chair of the Chicago Symphony which is now named in his honor and so well held by Chris Martin.
    His name? Bud Herseth.

    Rich T. .
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    Years ago ... so many I no longer remember the year ... I subbed for a trumpeter at a wedding and wore his white dinner jacket. Too, I don't remember how long I had played, but we were in our final set when my lip split and the blood gushed all over the jacket, but I played on to finish the set. Well, it seemed the jacket didn't belong to the player but to the band. I offered to replace it, but was told it was already paid for and I could keep it. The story continues when I sent it to the Dry Cleaning Institute in MD and when it was returned no one would ever know. I wore that same white dinner jacket on a Caribbean cruise in September 2008, such cruise as was what my wife was given as a retirement gift by her fellow employees. The split lip healed and has presented no problem for me. If you're keen on men's clothing styles, when was the last time you saw a shaw collar white dinner jacket? Old codgers like myself can get away with wearing one, but I think younger ones wearing one would seem out of place today.

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