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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Recursion, Jul 14, 2012.

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    Oct 22, 2008
    Hey Recursion. I see the Maryland logo. Always nice to meet a fellow Terp!

    Like you, I started my comeback after a long break. That was close to 4 years ago. And while everyone is different, the biggest problem I had was trying to play like I used to. My chops were no were near as strong as my memories of what I used to be able to play.

    For most of the first year, I limited myself to maybe two 15-minute sessions a day. Any more than that, and I had diminishing returns, similar to what you described. I slowly built this up three 15-minute sessions. At the present time, I practice about 90 minutes a day. (Again, everyone is different. This is what worked for me.)

    Early on, I also kept a daily log of everything I played, and how my chops felt when playing. This helped me to figure out what type of playing was helping and what was hurting.

    The other suggestions in this thread all have their place, of course. But there's no way to overcome damage from overplaying. So for me, the most important issue has been to know my limitations, and to follow a regular daily routine that I can build on.

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    Jun 22, 2012
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    Hi Mike:

    Ditto on the Terpship!! I'm still a little bothered that Gary & Ralph are gone, but turtle blood runs deep! Where in MD are you? I grew up in Silver Spring, and lived in College Park, Baltimore, Arlington, & Mount Vernon. And what year Terp are you? I'm '92.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and tips. I've taken everyone's advice, and have already noticed an immediate improvement. No more lip soreness/numbness. I'm focusing more on long tones and sound quality, working scales & strengthening my chops. I'm in no rush just yet, as long as my kids don't surpass me! :lol:
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    My take ..
    I use to have a warm-up routine along with a bunch of other things that I did when I was younger... and it was beating me up even with the resting...
    Lots of guys here recommended playing long tones and very soft ... which is something I NEVER did ... 10 minutes of warm-ups and bam...hit the Clarkes and then the Arban's
    now I changed it up ... went with the Vizzutti's Book 1 and I take about 30 minutes on slow soft arpeggio's. My gut is that since I don't play as much or as many demanding pieces the chops need to build up a bit slower than I had hoped. It took awhile to think differently about my playing and how to approach it.
    Great ideas given above... and I am drinking enough water now days to carry a camel over the Sahara.
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    Oct 22, 2008
    Yea, it's too ad about Gary and Ralph. The new AD is now in his way out, too. I'm class of '83, and live in Howard County. During my college days I lived in Greenbelt and Silver Spring.

    Glad to hear the chops are doing better.

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    Great and helpful info, thanks.

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