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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Miyot, Oct 13, 2007.

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    charlotte nc that I've pulled myself up off the floor after lmao over what Billy B said in his post....(sorry, bro...but, man...your description of how you get your lips to tingle just broke me up...:lol: :dontknow: )

    There are tons of tricks/tips on how to help in the OP's situation. You'll just have to experiment. Hot all the way to the extremes (alum...etc). Some have already said it (and you sound like you are going to make these changes) on the things that are causing you to reach this point in the first place. Just sounds like a simple case of over doing it. Perhaps a little more of the H L Clarke concept...basicly...light work over long periods... rest as much as you play...whatever.

    Nice that you are getting in some good practice time. Now....adjust what you're doing to lessen some of this abrasiveness to your chops. You seem very motivated... Best of success to you!
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    Vibrators are good for many things.
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    Sounds like maybe you are not pacing your practice routine/time. It's hard to rest (as long as it took you to play it) within reason, when you are anxious and want to cover as much as possible. Make a list of the stuff you should be practicing and the stuff you want to practice and divy up the time in such a way that allows for plenty of rest. I agree in leaving the physically harder stuff for the end of your routing, however, you might want to consider a good two to three hours before you hit it hard. Best warm down - put the horn away. IMO - Rick
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    Playing Goodwin tracks may be fun, but reaching for EVERY note, trying for everything that Bergeron does for a living is not practice. If you insist on doing it, pace yourself. Play one track, rest... a lot. Play another track. Watch mpc pressure (use the palm method, or another to keep the pressure down). Your body is trying to tell you something that your youth is preventing you from hearing.

    Good luck.
  5. Miyot

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    Jul 22, 2007
    Thanks for all the advice. I did change to softer playing practices and the swelling has let up. I probably was using a little to much pressure as well. Old habits want to return as I get tired. The Goodwin tune I have been working on, (Horn of Puente) takes a lot of endurance. This piece is pretty technical, and doesn't go above a D above the staff for at least 119 measures. There are some double G's and Bb's but I'm not attempting them. And these are actually optional. You have to play 115 out of the first 127 measures. Tough! I will be using this tune for an audition piece tonight. I still can't finish the whole tune up to speed. But it will show where I'm at. My youth isn't so youthful. 48. But I'm pushin it. I need to use more brain than brawn.
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    hey Miyot,
    I am 45 myself -- and a comeback player at it for over a year now.
    I try to mix up the practices (heavy tonguing, next practice, long tones, etc), usually do 3 hrs a day. Warm up with 2nd line G for 20 minutes, play and rest (15min play, 5-10 min rest) during session. A lot of soft play in upper register, for control, but working on double forte DHC. I always warm down (below low C and pedal tones), never use ice, and usually an Ibuprofen at night for swelling
    seems to have me consistent most days ---- and if the lips really seem swollen - i do a very light 1 hr. practice for a day.
    hope that helps, and always stay hydrated - lots of water!!!

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