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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Penstir, Jul 27, 2015.

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    Hi Patrick,

    I think that you missed my point. The proximity effect is (only) the bass boost and happens when you are very close to the microphone. This is a well known phenomena. I use the SM57 (when a dynamic mike fits the venue better - like if it looks like it is going to rain) attached to my music stand so there is a foot or more between me and the mike and little proximity effect if any at all. It is of little significance if I am 12", 15" or 20" away from that microphone, the sound is consistent and the sound engineer has no grief. I can move closer when muted and still need no help from the mix board. That is what I was talking about. I never play at a microphone from the side and don't know anyone else that does either. No one uses my microphone except me - not even at a wedding.

    What I personally prefer is the AKG condenser clipon that I mentioned. I have never found any condenser mike that gave me freedom to move except the clipons. This to me is the best solution for sound, no feedback and ability to back off on long gigs. For players that like to dance around in the studio, I have even seen the recording engineers use 2 microphones to insure a fairly even pickup. I generally sit still except when using/changing mutes.

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    Possibly, but part of what you posted wasn't quite accurate, and I felt that it was important to break it apart and explain it. Microphones, to the uninitiated, can be a little confusing. At one point I assumed that dynamic and cardioid mics were one and the same, which they aren't. While dynamic mics are often cardioid in their pickup pattern, and condenser mics, due to their sensitivity, are good as omnidirectional microphones, it's not absolute.

    Like you, I've enjoyed using a quality clip-on mic with my Shure Beta 98, that gives me a lot of freedom. I'm not bound to a single mic point. I get to dance around, and play whatever direction suits me, and since the whole thing is a wireless using (which I usually clip on to a headphone hanger I attach to my vocal mic stand) in theory, I can wear the pack and roam around. However, that's an expensive option for someone on a budget - that system is currently going for around $550 US, although the mic itself can be had for $210. With that said, I wouldn't want to use a clip-on condenser unless I had faith in the PA system and sound guy/gal.

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