Looking for good suppliers of copper and nickle plateing solutions in USA

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Ok I am in Michigan if that helps but it shouldnot matter too much. So I have my tank designed. So far I useing a fish airation pump to agitate my solution and I have an old Singer Sewing Machine motor and wheel to rotate my part's for more even distrubition. SInce I am useing a plastic tank I will not be useing heat of any kind since it only serve to speed the process and is not required. I am useing a heavy duty car battery as my rectifier which is more then enough voltage and amperage for what I am doing. I can use copper or stainless steel for my anode as I have plenty of each on hand. I would prefer to use a ready made solution that I simply pour from a jug intomy tank. I would prefer not to have to keep a huge bag of cpper sulfate crystals and various acids laying around. Number on Ihave kids and as good as they are accidents happens so I try not keep that stuff aorund I would have to build a box and lock it up and put it inthe corner of my 80x80 pole barn to feel safe. I have contacted EPI and hope to hear back from them but if not does anyone have a good source?

    I already know Anderson Plateing will build to size for about $25 a valve but that defeats the purpose of buildingmy own system. I want to have some fun and do it myself. If Ihave to go to the chemical supply house and brew my own that is fine but my last resort.
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    Check CaswellPlating. They are in the USA and provide plating solutions for hobbists.

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