Loss of control with extensive range practice

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    Probably a bad time to comment, as it really has all been said. But I play on a 1.25ZM Curry so I believe I know a little about his pieces. (I own too many.) This is a great all round piece, as advertised. It has a relaxed second cup so that it blows very open. In addition, as advertised, it borders the commercial (read big band; studio, etc), but still permits a sound close to that necessary for symphonic band, let's say. I find it a good piece. Having just read R. Ingraham's book, I would suggest if any mpc change is contemplated, to step to a slightly smaller rim size, e.g., from the current 1.5 to the 3. Keep the ZM the same. That way you are experimenting--if that's what this is--by changing only one variable. But the marching season will be over before you know whether the change is a good one.

    All that said, I agree with everything on this thread that suggests that you change nothing except your practice routines. Probably you want too much too soon. Welcome to the club.:-)
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