Loss of Motivation

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by nickenator, Mar 27, 2012.

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    Send me your insurance information, and it'll be in the mail the next business day. By the way, pharmacutical Cocaine is no fun, but you said you were pretty tough. By the way, do you know how to insert the iv's.
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    This is my experience, my tuppence worth. The trumpet is high maintenance, I have played bass, guitar, and the soprano sax,the trumpet beats them all, hands down for the sheer ammount of 'training' you have to do! When I do execises everyday I may feel like something has been achieved, a level of fitness preserved etc. but this is all technique. For me that is in the realm of the 'head' or intellect, which is fine but doesn't cover the whole story!! Where I start to LOVE playing the trumpet is when I'm playing MUSIC, either with others (first choice, every time) or jamming with my Aebersolds or Hal Leanards, sometimes I also just stick the radio on and challenge myself to jam with whatever's on (music, I mean of course) if nothing else it makes you think on the spot and adjust to the situation. I don't know if this will help you, I hope it will :) Again, practising the trumpet on a regular basis sometimes feels like training for a marathon that never happens, you have to be super motivated or happy just doing those routines to keep that up, playing MUSIC (for me) is where it all comes to life and feeds your spirit and heart.
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    I feel more frustrated now , as well as more happy when I get it right .. The rate of progress between then and now isn't even close :-) Between the additional information available on-line (trumpet masters, youtube , blogs )and the wisdom borne of age and past mistakes, it's defiantly more enjoyable and fulfilling to stumble down this path of expression.
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    Two suggestions for you:

    1) If you're getting into jazz, and want to practice and have fun, check the Jamie Aebersold books. They're great!
    2) If you're looking to play out, seek out a community band. Also, to get up on your jazz/funk chops, look for some open mic/jam nights.
  5. fuzzyhaze

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    Easier to say than do, try to not get involved in comparing yourself with others, or your former self, this will mess with your confidence. Also easier to say than do, try to enjoy the here and now, the journey rather than fixating only on the result. Sorry, do not want to sound condescending or like a hippy!!!! These are things I have to tell myself all the time too. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't, sometimes I have to do something else to take my mind off digging myself into a self critical hole.
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    Way to go Turtle! That thing is evil.

    Key to all happiness...
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    After four pages of posts the OP hasn't respnded. So before I spend time offering some helpful ideas, OP are you still there?
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    Lost his motivation?
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    TV is sucking me back in ........ :)shhh:) ....... I've stopped watching movies as well, they're so ... juvenile .... these days, unless you're into comic books. Notice how the best actors are drifting into television? They've been doing that for a while for two reasons; 1. Producers recently cut their (ridiculous) multi-million dollar salaries recently to .... well, a whopping amount less (poor stars ... boo hoo). And, 2. The best writing is now on TV ... again, unless you just can't get enough of those comic book super heroes (Go Batman!). Most of it is just a waste of time ....... get back to the shed and practice.:evil: Your inspiration will come back.

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    I watch TV (usually a comedy show or History Channel) after I practice, to wind down before I go to bed. I don't see TV as a detriment to inspiration - it's more of a competitor for your time. For me, inspiration comes from goals - the desire to be a better player and/or playing with various groups with performance and rehearsal schedules.

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