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    Is there any mention in the book regarding Louis' playing the soprano trombone (aka slide trumpet, aka slide cornet)? Louis played the soprano trombone for around 15 years that I know of, especially when he played with Fate Marable and Joe "King" Oliver.

    Sadly, Fate's riverboat band never recorded, and that era is therefor pretty much lost to us, and to the best of my knowledge neither Louis Armstrong nor any other cornet/trumpet player of the 1920's (EG Freddie Keppard) recorded playing this instrument, though we still have the photographic evidence (look under Louis' chair):

    marable.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x207 pixels) - Scaled (99%)

    Here's Louis playing soprano trombone, front and centre:

    oliver.gif (GIF Image, 500x393 pixels) - Scaled (52%)
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