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    I'm still trying to conceptualize Gary "stressed oyster." Quite a challenge... :D
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    Someone posted a really good article about playing long tones very soft awhile back. I can't negotiate the search engine here very well but the player quoted said to play really soft long tones. He said if the note doesn't come out don't play louder until it comes out because if you do you will lose the benefit. ( that is a very broad paraphrasation)
    It took me awhile to grasp the concept but it really helps improve the reaction time to be able to produce a tone.
    I agree with the pedal tone aspect here as well. I like to do them for a warm down. Some solid players here don't agree, and they are very credible. I just believe they have an almost massaging affect on the lip that helps the blood flow which reduces swelling. That's my gut take on it.
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    I got caught AND now you have. The bass clef is always written for a C instrument, thus for a Bb trumpet you'd be playing a C1 an octave lower but still in the treble clef aka vb8.

    Is Arturo playing composed music or improvising? Hey, Arturo (and others) are very good, but my name isn't Arturo.
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    Nov 7, 2009
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    I'll never play again Caravan, yesterdays was the last time !
    Thanks for sharing...
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. My lower notes have improved again from Lowe register work almmost very day. And doing Stamps warm ups sometimes. I jut want to strengthen the tone an overall sound of the notes now. Tanks again!
  7. Branson

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    Jan 16, 2011
    Add more lip flexibility exercises and you will be fine.
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    yes KT, is a big proponent of long soft tones ---- I started with the Cat Anderson method a few years back. Although I don't seem to have the time, the patience, the physicality, or the mental aptitude (discipline) to fully institute the whole method. I will say that long tones (especially in the staff) at ppp for at least 20 minutes a day help tremendously in high notes, and also with low notes. SOME PEOPLE used to laugh when I say, if you do nothing else --- then at least try to play a 2nd line (in the staff) G for 20 minutes at ppp and that will help with your high notes, your low notes, and your overall SOUND QUALITY. (((it is one thing to laugh, and say --"anyone can do that" --- but you go try it --- really ain't that easy for a few weeks anyhow))) -- then you can try a few notes higher or lower after that!!! BUT IT WORKS!!!!
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    First five exercises from Lip Flexibility for Trumpet (Smith)
    Start with #1 & 2 playing through each fingering (open fingering shown, just work your way down the scale).

    (transcribed with Lilypond, original version includes score for each fingering)
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    I usually tilt my trumpet a bit up so that it releases lower lip a bit. You can even go to extreme and to almost completely remove lower lip from MP. I have seen Arturo does that.

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