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    Feb 23, 2013
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    My instructor gave me an invaluable tip on getting the low's locked in.
    You can do it every time you warm up, takes less than a minute.

    Start at low open C, and blow-breath in-blow-breath in-blow-breath in-blow at about 60bpm (one blow-breath in per beat) at least 4 times or until you get good tone.
    Then move down chromatically to Gb repeating above.
    It is simple, quick and works...the breathing in between notes helps you 'reset' your low note muscle memory.
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    Apr 30, 2013
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    I struggled with this problem for some time and to an extent I still do. It is true as others have stated that you're practicing a bit unevenly which will cause other areas of your playing to suffer. But I'd like to find out about your embouchure - that was my problem. I would set my lips in an entirely different position to play above the staff and then need to take my lips off the horn and reset them to play low. You'll find that a balanced embouchure drastically increases flexibility and will give you a great base line to develop a good range and (dare I say more importantly) good tone. Claude Gordon's books are excellent resources. I found success with Carmine Caruso's book although its title escapes me.
  3. Dale Proctor

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    Jul 20, 2006
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    A good flexibility studies book like Schlossberg can really help, with the added advantage of helping you learn to move from lower to upper and back without a reset or a lot of movement of the horn. Be sure to follow the dynamics marked in the exercises - there's a method to the madness.
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    I just wanted to add -- that a lot of trumpet players seem to have some difficulty in notes below the low C. I am recently substituting on 3rd,4th,5th -- trumpet parts for a community band an hour or so away. They needed someone who could put some volume to the low notes ----- the band has 60+ members but only 5 trumpet players (do to vacations, college, etc.) -- so they needed a few subs --- these lower parts (3rd, 4th, 5th) really arent easy for the other 3rd trumpet player. -------low notes need some finesse ---- and I just wanted to remind people to - (high/low - fast/slow ----------- practice it all, play it all, and keep it all available -- even if you don't regularly play those parts)

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