Low pitch to high pitch .... why?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by turtlejimmy, Apr 21, 2012.

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    You can always send it to me :thumbsup:
  2. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    Bach had a lot of ups and downs with his As. First of all there were 2 As - the Chorton and the Kammerton. Anything done with the organ was Chorton.

    In Weimar his "Cammerton tief" was 400Hz, in Leipzig it was 415 Hz. The organs were tuned much higher - over 460Hz! This is easily proven as the organ builders put a nick in some of the tuning parts of the organ pipes to more easily find the desired pitch.

    This is getting to be a real pain in the A.
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    Originally Posted by turtlejimmy
    I guess it's adios Olds Recording

    Send it to me and I'll pay shipping and treat you to a good Southern Breakfast with grits should you come my way.
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    Hahahaha .... You can always count on TM members for support in placing unneeded trumpets. I still need the Recording for when we're in high pitch. But, when the standard goes back down ..... to somewhere around 432 hz, those who have an old low pitch trumpet from the 20's, will be glad they gottem. They're still affordable on eekit'saBay.

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    Turtle, you did say adieu to your Olds Recording. Are you reniging now? I'll up my ante with an Olds Ambassador and a spaghetti lunch on a Tuesday or a pork chop lunch on Thursday at the Embassy Cafe here in Jackson (Home) should you come this way. Might even tell you where you could buy a 1908 Wurlitzer cornet if you had some cash to spread, but I'm not up on it being a 432 and although it is playable, I'd send it to Tom Green if I had that much green growing in our garden (which my wife isn't going to plant this year). For your info as you'll find out if you go to their site, meals at the Embassy cost under ten bucks as whenever I do my health walk on the loop through Jackson, I'll stop to eat lunch there. If you want the best sides, you gotta eat before noon, and they close at 2:00 PM. Oh yeah, my offer includes your favored other also. Then you could drive on continuously on U.S. 158 to the Atlantic beach of the NC reknown Outer Banks, and visit Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers first flew their plane. I ain't paying for your expenses there though.
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    440 makes it easy to figure octaves: 220; 110; 880; 1760, etc. We are musicians, after all.
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    Send it to me and I'll shoot down that plane!!
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    ...... and nary a mention of the 472 Hz that bagpipes tune to? :dontknow:
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    Okay, you have has some pretty good offers for the recording. But I can top it, I will take the plane(making it impossible for it to fly over your house), fly you to a nice cafe I heard about(Home), take you to the beautiful beaches Key West Florida, and have you back by dark. I can probably find an Olds ambassador too, seems to be plenty of them.

    Okay, for real. I really like VB's post about the octaves. That makes a lot of sense. 440 is just a round number I guess.
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    And more seriously here's a link to compliment the discussion and support what many of you have already said - it quite tidies up the discussion.


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