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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpetup, Jun 4, 2009.

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    In a recent thread a question was asked about what instrument to use instead of voice. I have read discriptions of a horn being lyrical. Is this a horn that can play the lyrics of a song well? My guess is this would be a horn that slots loosely to be able to bend notes as the voice can. It would also have to respond quickly. Is this correct and what trumpets, or cornets would be in this group? Does mpc or horn modifications effect this characteristic?
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    The quick answer is: YES! There are horns that have tight slots that bend well and respond quickly, however, that doesn't guarantee lyrical playing.
    Lyrical playing has most to do with note connection, the stuff that happens between the notes, and that is a software, not a hardware question. I have played the folksong "I Will Love my Love" from Holst's Second Suite for Military Band in F on C trumpet to good effect; Jerry Garcia's "If I had the World to Give" on flugel. Both were lyrical; both had the right sound.

    In my opinion, if we (I) have what can be called "our (my) sound" it includes everything from sweet "lyrical" to "nasty, gross, loud, jeez how can you inflict that on us, oh stop it is too loud, help!"

    Go for the right pallette.

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