M/K Drawing Slides and Leadpipes Trials in DFW

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    Oct 24, 2004
    I have a set of Mike Bulow's (M/K Drawing, http://www.mkdrawing.com) tuning slides for my large bore 72* and he is sending me a set of leadpipes to try. He will also be sending me a couple of reverse slides and matching pipes to try against the existing configuration. He's also started making these in "red" brass and is sending samples of them. In short, I'm going to have a complete "kit" from Mike to play around with and determine which setup I want on my LB72*!

    I figured that, while I had them in this area, perhaps some of you other guys might like to try them. Rather than try to meet a dozen different times in a dozen different places, I thought I'd use Davids' Instruments ( http://www.davidsinstruments.com aka http://www.hornhaven.com) in Carrollton. Calls and conversations with Mike and David confirmed this as being "OK". David and Mike may work out something so David has a complete set there long term, but again, while I've got them here, I figured I'd "share the love".

    So, if you are in DFW would like to try the different slide and leadpipe combinations from M/K Drawing at Davids Instruments in Carrollton, please either post a reply or PM me and let me know. If there's only two guys, we'll just meet at Davids Instruments. If it's more than a few, I'll leave the horn and toys there for a few days.

    I will NOT give impressions or reviews of these items at this time as I am still evaluating them and you SIMPLY MUST try them yourself! Suffice it to say that there is not one that is "good" or "bad", just different. I've already determined that having an extra slide or two in your case serves the same purpose as having different mutes or mouthpieces (and is just as easy to change). You just have to play them to believe how much these slides can change the character of your horn while still maintaining it's basic tone. No amount of text is going to explain it. Also, the quality on these parts is excellent. Just come and try them.

    What I have (or will) have to try on my 1974 Large Bore 72 Strad lightweight:

    • Factory Slide - as a basis for comparison.
      Factory 43 pipe - as a basis for comparison.
      MK braced D slide, ML bore - large bore externally so it fits in my horn, ML bore internally to give you some resistance.
      MK braced D slide, L Bore - similar to factory slide, but more radius in the bend where the factory slide is almost flat in the bend.
      MK braced single radius slide, L Bore - almost wide open.
      MK unbraced single radius slide, L Bore - full tilt boogie.
      MK 525 pipe - "Big, open sound, improved scale and upper register."
      MK Mount Vernon leadpipe - "Large, dark centered sound; crisp attacks."
      Reverse Tuning Slide - reverse sets of some of the above, probably the large bore D and unbraced single radius.
      Red Brass - red brass sets of some of the above, probably the same as the LR sets.

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with either Mike or David. I'm just another customer. I appreciate the support they have given me as small business owners, I appreciate the support that all of you on this forum have given me as peers, and I appreciate the support and community of local musicians such as some of you whom I have met with personally, taken lessons from, or attended clinics with (DFW TrumpetFest). I'm just trying to share the love baby!
  2. elExtranjero

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    Oct 24, 2004

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