Maggio - Gordon, maind differeces and simmilarities

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by frankmike, Feb 1, 2011.

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    I think Rowuk that you might have missed the main point.

    The OP might just want to make n informed decision as to which method he wants to pursue, and use that criteria to find a teacher. I believe the comparison of the two methods and a discussion of their strengths and weaknesses is absolutely worth discussing, and CAN be fruitfully discussed in a forum such as this. In fact, if the OP were looking to study a new method, he is going about in exactly the way I would - inquiring about the differences from those who may know. Once determined, then perhaps take some lessons from someone who knows the method.

    This of course is not the only way to go about things. Sometimes, as you point out, you want to study with someone regardless of the methodology they use.

    And this comes from 30 years of studying and playing. I don't know everything, never will, and that what's keeps me reading threads on this forum and asking questions, even when it pisses off those who I ask.

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