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    Oct 16, 2008
    For many years I simply played the trumpet and didn’t pay attention to how I played. In my attempts to improve in all areas, I gradually became more interested in how I play and what I practice. I have a unique embouchure, as those of you who I’ve asked questions of throughout my time on trumpetherald know. I play on the red of my upper lip and used to have the typical problems associated with such playing. After going to teachers and getting recommendations, I started to just randomly adjust things and my playing improved, I discovered that I had a huge range and great control up there. My tone became much better and so did my endurance. However, my lack of good technique and inconsistency prevented me from progressing as far as I felt I should be able to go. Then one day, I finally had an epiphany, a teacher I was taking lessons from on trombone asked to see my trumpet playing. He analyzed my embouchure and commented on how strange it was, then said he’d get back to me. Several weeks later he called and said that he thought he understood how I play and had a few answers, at least in regards to how I play. He said that most players would find playing on the red uncomfortable and detrimental to their playing. However, I have large lips and don’t use much pressure, comparatively speaking of course, and that range, pressure, and control isn’t a problem for me because I naturally figured out how to pucker. As I ascended, he showed me that my bottom lip puckers out and my sound becomes bigger, I sound much more confident above high C. This is what enabled me to play on the red and not have the usual issues, at least not anymore. Do to various issues in school (he was my band director in high school), I no longer take lessons from him and he no longer teaches there. However, I still would like to solve problems that I’ve had. The fact of the matter is that I simply no longer have the time or money to take private lessons. I’m in college and you all know how tight cash and time becomes at that time of our lives. If anyone thinks they know the maggio system or just the whole concept of puckering and the problems and benefits associated with it please let me know. I have a myriad of questions that I’d like to ask a knowledgeable player and finally start to sort this all out. The problem with me is that, since I do it naturally, I really have no idea what I’m doing and how to fix it. I understand the basic concepts and try to analyze my own playing, but that only gets me so far.

    Sorry for rambling but I wanted to give you all the whole scoop. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this.
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    you really need some one on one with a great player. Internet advice just can't cut it. We can't really "see" and "hear" you and that makes ANY advice questionable. There is no "embouchure" system worth universal recommendation. Get to a real live teacher!

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