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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by silverstar, May 17, 2006.

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    There are so many careers that are related to music that people don't ordinarily think of. Everyone thinks of teaching and/or performing. I'll have more to say later (soon). For now, check out the info on this website.

    It is good that you don't need to declare a major right away.

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    Find out what the graduates of this program are doing today. The real proof of this program is in the success/failure of the graduates.
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    That is a very important realization, Lara. Let that guide you.
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    One simple thing to remember, you can ALWAYS play your horn regardless of what career you select. The other thing to consider, you will almost certainly make more money in a non-music career but again, you always have your horn to play for a hobby/fun. Use your intelligence and good study habits to get a degree that will pay the bills!
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    Nov 2, 2003
    thought you were going to texas.

    since you express 'cluelessness' get an AA at a community college (less $ but equal quality & more free time...include some online classes) by then you should have made up your mind & finish your BA.
    remember, it's your time, $, & life. ANY college that won't do it your way, as long as that's sound, should be forgotten immediately!

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    Nov 29, 2003
    Hi Lara,

    I just graduated from college last Saturday (Univ. of Alabama - Music Ed), so I hope I can offer some advice that is a little more "fresh" -- espcially as someone who changed majors FOUR times and transfered schools!

    Unless you are 100% positive that you DO NOT want to major in music -- of any sort -- go ahead and start your lessons, music theory and covocation (might have another name) in your first semester. Often, first semester students don't take very many classes (usually only 12 hours :shock: ), so you will have time to add those things in. Also, by taking theory, you'll have that out of the way if you want to minor in music AND it will let you know if you want to continue on with a music major. So much of being a music major is Academia and putting up with BS -- especially in music ed, and with classes that all "good musicians" need to take but contribute little to your career as a performer or teacher. The music ed curriculum looks pretty good, lots of practical courses, but they still have some of the BS education courses that all programs seem to have (like Teaching Reading in Secondary Content Areas).

    Finally, start college at whatever school you can end up at. Only go to a junior college if that's all you can afford. Universities do not look well on transfer students. You'll get a lot of hassle trying to get courses transfered and the scholarship opportunities aren't there for transfers. I turned down a full tuition scholarship from the school I graduated from in order to go somewhere else first (a smaller private school). Guess how much financial help I got when I transfered? Zero. Keep your finances in mind and under check. I've got a lot more loans than I could have had. Not a good idea to start out life after college with $XX,000 in loans.

    At some point, we have to decide what things will be our avocations, and what will be our vocation. Pick something that will bless you financially AND that you will be happy doing. Make that your career; however, don't be afraid to change majors and experiment in college. Good luck!
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    Apr 6, 2006
    I think one question that you should ask yourself with the Music/Business degree is what type of job would you use it for after college........owning a music store, being an agent for musicians, selling some sort of musical product???? Unless I missed something, their description doesn't really say specifically what you would be qualified to to with that degree, besides run your own music business. I have a former student who got her bachelors in Psychology because she thought it was interesting but she had no direction as to what to do with the degree so three years out of college she is waiting tables and not working a a Masters.

    I think the link to the MENC website is a good resource, there are a lot of jobs in music that maybe you did not think of: Elementary music, Music Therapy, Talent booking, Music Administration, Sound Engineering just to name a few. If you dont think that you have the skills to be a performer but still like the industry, maybe some of these jobs would be a good option.

    Also, in some states community colleges are an excellent option. Here is Florida they are not looked down on and is a smart alternative for your first two years. If you get an AA in a FLorida community college and want to go to a state school, you get accepted as a junior in the state school.

    As with everything, do what your heart tells you. Find a career that will make you happy and enjoy going to work everyday.
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    Aug 23, 2005
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  9. R.A.S.

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    Oct 13, 2004
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    You don't need to figure it all out yet.
    What I would notdo is to get so busy with classes and activities that you stop taking trumpet lessons. You enjoy it too much, and this is a great opportunity to improve your playing. If the tuition fee setup is like it was in the old days (1976-1981) when I was there, you pay for hours up to 13, and more hours (like your lessons) don't cost more. I wouldn't suggest taking too many hours, though, but at least you could view the lessons as free.
    You know Prof. Greenhoe by now, and he can help you a lot. He has guided the improvement of many very good players through the years.
  10. silverstar

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    Jan 6, 2005
    I haven't met any of the Profs there yet. (Well, except Mr. Sandy...that was earlier this year though.)

    Anyway...after I posted this, I had a nice long talk with my parents. It was nice...I ended up crying and confessing that I'm scared out of my mind about my future....I don't like this feeling that I'm jumping into a lake backwards, eyes closed, without looking to see how deep it is or if there's anything in the water. (Wow, I'm horrible at Anyway, after saying some prayers and going to sleep, I got to school today and was called into the counselor's office. She had my results of an aptitude test I took when I signed up for the ACT. It was really helpful!

    Last night, while talking to my parents, the one thing that kept coming up as something I've always done, besides dancing and music, was that I have always loved making, posters, taking photographs, painting, jewelry...etc.

    Well, what could I turn that into?

    Graphic Design!

    So....I'm still open Major at Iowa, but, I'm thinking that I'm going to lean toward a degree in something like graphic design. I know that I want to minor in music...just so I can keep up and learn more about music (since, right now, my knowledge is singing and trumpet...treble clef stuff only, couldn't transpose a note to save my life, can barely plink out "when the saints come marching in" on piano....)

    Thank you for all the suggestions. After talking with my parents, reading these posts, talking with my counselor, saying some prayers, and taking a nice deep breath...I think that I have a vague plan of action.

    Now...on to apply for a loan. :x


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