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    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    Yep... there are some sleeping dogs best left to lie in the sun 'cause they won't move in out of the shade and they're liable to turn around and bite the hand that feeds 'em.

    Say, did you ever get the leaves cleaned out of the pool that was out behind the "clubhouse"? :D

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    Jan 23, 2004
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    POOL HOUSE? Don't EVER SAY THE "P" word because about three years ago we moved from our old house and most importantly this time of year, moved away from our beautiful in ground swimming pool.

    I retired and bought this beautiful home in the Gig Harbor Green Belt woods and although it has air conditioning, on hot days like this (89 today) I REALLY MISS FLOATIN' IN MY POOL...which reminds me???

    I just to enjoy taking that old student Bundy (long gone) that I used to teach neighborhood kids to play and I would dive off the board...sink to the bottom and PLAY THE CRAP OUT OF THAT OLD HORN, until my air ran out.

    Has anyone done the same thing? Playing a trumpet underwater takes some interesting techique. Try it some time. The only player on this board who had tried it...was Mike Vax. (Although his first time, he was dressed in full Military style dress uniform. He played his trumpet out on the 10foot board. After finishing his routine, He then waved that horn in the air and took the plunge.
    He was quite surprised just how weird a trumpet sounds under water. Sound waves really compress and really warp the voicing of the trumpet.

    Try it gang! However Chlorine is a brass killer. Wash it out right after leaving the pool. (I didn't one eve. and forgot about it....THE NEXT NIGHT after work I remembered. I ran out to the Pool house. That old Bundy from hell, had turned into the prettiest browish-green pa-teeeena' you have ever seen? :-? :shock:
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    Mar 21, 2006
    One of my trumpet teachers calls the resultant lower overtone the "monk". He says he named it that because it is like having a little monk sitting behind you who sings along as you play.
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    I practice with a keyboard playing a low note (bass clef C for instance) I then play scales, arpeggios and Clarke against the low note. I try and have at least an octave between the note and what I am playing. The resultant tones give me a sense of the pitch and how in tune that i am playing, and as it is a fixed note, the well-tempered spacing of the piano or keyboard tones (in fact only the octaves are truely "in tune" - everything else on the piano since Bach is evenly spaced to make playing in every key bearable......) is of no consequence. You find out really fast this way which horns are more or most resonant............
    I think Chris Leuba(retired Horn player with Chicago) suggested this in his book on intonation. By the way, this is one of the finest books on the subject period.
    To add a little bit here, resultant tones are not only by subtraction. 50 and 100 also produce 150. If the tones are a major third, fifth or octave and absolutely in tune, only tones in the played chord will be created. Anything else creates tones not always harmonically related to the key we are playing in.
    Albert Mangelsdorff - the legendary german jazz trombone player created his own resultant tones by humming while playing. He was able to create complete chords to accompany himself. It was a fantastic experience hearing him do that. He had it down to a science.

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    Thanks for your interesting post.
    If Manny is lurking, the name "CHRIS LEUBA" sound very very familiar. Who was that horn player that Dave Monette invited to give a talk on resultant overtones at that Open House and Clinic.
    Could that have been---Chris?

    for info about Chris

    Hey...Manny the weather here in both Oregon and Wa. has been the coolest spot in the nation. (except for that horrific heat sample we recieved from our friends down California way for about 5 days a while back...n'allthatjazz.

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