Marcinkiewicz E12.4 / E12 / E10.3 for lead playing

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    Hi all,
    I play lead trumpet in my school's jazz band on a Marcinkiewicz E12.4 Roger Ingram model. This is a very shallow mouthpiece, almost the same depth as the notoriously shallow Bobby Shew Lead, and I believe even shallower than the also famous Schilke 14A4A. Obviously, this mouthpiece is fantastic for big band lead playing, allowing a much louder, brighter, and higher upper register. But as with all shallow mouthpieces, my tone in the middle registers is not nearly as fantastic, being too bright and not pure enough. I've worked extensively on tone with this mouthpiece and my tone has managed to improve, but there's only so much work I can do on tone on a mouthpiece as shallow as this. Many lead players I've talked to that started on a very shallow mouthpiece like myself have referred to "getting deeper," very gradually switching to deeper mouthpieces to facilitate a more mature tone in the middle register but still keep the range and brightness they had in the upper register, until eventually they can play loud, high and bright on a Bach 3C (which I certainly cannot).

    So, my question is to those who know what I'm talking about or have experienced themselves. Some of the mouthpieces I have looked at to be my first step in the deeper direction are the Marcinkiewicz E12 (Allen Vizzutti) and E10.3 (Bobby Shew 1.25) models. According to the Marcinkiewicz website, these are both slightly deeper than the 12.4, with the 10.3 being the deeper of the two. Can anyone who has experience with these mouthpieces give me some input on how they compare to the 12.4, or just how they are in general for lead playing? I'm also open to input from those who don't have experience with these specific pieces but have suggestions for me in general and my possible "getting deeper" with mouthpieces.

    Also, note that either way, this is not going to be my all around mouthpiece. I already use a Marcinkiewicz E5 (Bobby Shew 2) for small group jazz playing, which is both deep enough to give me a good tone for playing by myself and shallow enough to give me the endurance for a long solo, and I use a Bach 3C for orchestral/classical work, which gives me no range (almost an octave less than my E12.4) but a very dark tone. So neither of these pieces, the E12.4, E12, or E10.3, do I plan on using for anything other than lead trumpet.
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    I like the Shew 1.5. I think it's a nice happy medium. I also really like the Vizutti model. Years ago, after doing what you're doing, I decided to go with the Warburton system. With them, you can change cup depths or backbores to suite the style of playing and sound you're after. If you're not familiar with them, check them out. Unfortunately, they're much pricier than the Marcinkiewicz and Schilkes pieces.

    Good luck.

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