Mark Gould masterclass/concert at UCLA...TODAY!!!

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    Mar 14, 2005
    For those of you in the Los Angeles area, I would highly recommend coming to see Mark Gould in masterclass and concert at UCLA today. Admission is FREE. Along with Mark's always entertainingly interesting masterclasses, he will also do a concert with his touring ensemble 'Pink Baby Monster' (description below). I saw this at CalArts tonight and it was AWESOME...very original. Bring friends...students especially...not to be missed!

    Mark Gould, Juilliard professor and former principal trumpet Metropolitan Opera will be at UCLA this Saturday (January 14) from 5-8pm at Popper Hall.

    There will be a masterclass at 5 pm followed by a performance at 7 pm with Mark's eclectic and multi-instrumental touring ensemble. This is guaranteed to be an amazing concert and will feature some incredibly interesting improvisation and text/vocals in their latest show entitled "Desert Jews."

    I can assure you that this performance will be virtuosic, entertaining and unlike anything you have ever seen before. Please get the word out to as many students as possible...this will be especially interesting for them. We are very lucky to have someone like Mark come in from New York and do this concert here. I, for one, am always happy to see this kind of cutting edge musical presentation.

    Here is a brief synopsis of the band:

    "Pink Baby Monster" is a 4 piece performance art group with Mark Gould, trumpet.
    and vocals, Brian McWhorter, command control, trumpet and vocals, Kyle Sanna,
    guitar and vocals, Micah Killion, drums, trumpet and vocals. Their last video,
    "I Live for Art" was featured in the internationally acclaimed show,
    TERRORVISION at EXIT ART in NYC. Their new show, "Desert Jews" features
    their new hit single," I GOT MINE."

    Jens Lindemann
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    Yee HAW!
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