Mark Isham wants to hear from you?

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    Jan 23, 2004
    Gig Harbor Wa.
    Just recieved my vol. 39 2004 snail-mail copy of his "SPIT-VALVE NOISE" little news (old-news by the time we get litter-letter:)

    Any how he just played the North Sea Jazz fest in the Never-Evaaa' Netherlands on July 9th. and now would like to hear from all us trumpet Geeks......
    His E mail is: [email protected]
    and his Web site is:

    He would like to hear your thoughts. If you could choose Marks next scoring project........What kind of film would you like to see him work with?
    Which director?
    Which actors?
    Film genre and style of music?
    Even would like to offer a chance to have him create that Isham score he would write?
    Does this sound a little??????? Hummmm? Hey Mark, if you are lurking....maybe he could get together and score some HBO specials....with our beloved Jimmy Owens from NYC? For sure....Jimmy could really teach him a book full.......if Mark really wishes to "put his chops where his $$$$$ lives.....n' allthatjazz????

    Mark just had a week-end at the Henry Mancini Institute concert: Tribute to American Film Music at Royce Hall UCLA.....

    Any one here on this board catch the event????????

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