Markus Stockhausen/Trent Austin Improvisation from CV: Wings

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    Oct 28, 2003
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    One of my absolute highlights in my life was sharing the stage with a true musical genius, Markus Stockhausen. Below is a link of a low-fi (Zoom H4) recording we played entitled "Wings" live at the Chosen Vale Trumpet Seminar on June 28th, 2008.

    A few nights earlier Markus very graciously invited me to perform a short free improvisation on his solo recital. Being primarily a "chord and Changes" guy I have to say I was a little scared I would step all over his toes. His level of musicianship is off the charts.

    Improvising freely is the most intense experience you can imagine. Now imagine it with one of the world's great musicians? wow! Performing with him on stage was incredibly inspiring and humbling. I think he might be the deepest musician I've ever met. Markus is a player who can play any style, any way, and put his personal stamp every moment of performance.

    A few days after hissolo recital Markus asked Ed if we could do another duo performance on the final Chosen Vale concert. I very happily accepted the request and we decided we'd play our two Kanstul Flugelhorns. There was a bit of theatrical influence on this piece as we started the piece with our backs together and then moved away from each other... playing until we eventually ended up coming back together.

    My work with Markus truly changed EVERY aspect of how I improvise. This coming from a session where I didn't really think I'd improvise that much. How cool is that?

    Again my hat goes off to my mentor Ed for changing my life yet again!

    I hope you enjoy the clip as much as I enjoyed performing with Markus!

    wmsta -
    or Home of Boston-based trumpeter and clinician Trent Austin. (if the first link does not work for you)


    PS: If you haven't checked out Markus' music check out the link below:
    Markus Stockhausen
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    Apr 30, 2006
    Sounds great Trent! Glad to get to hear it again. Markus changed me too.

  3. MJ

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    Jan 30, 2006
    Cool Trent!
  4. ckallmyer

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    Hey Trent,

    I'm sorry I missed this performance. It sounds great!---I wish I was there to take in the liquid-awesome.

    Markus' depth as a improviser and as a person is incredible to me. His talent on the trumpet is just icing on the cake---but his musical ideas, positive perspectives, and measured concepts to improvisation are golden! I feel like the more time I got to spend with him, the more I learned, and better I became.

    Thanks for posting this, Trent.


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