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    Hello All,

    I had the opportunity to play at late 50's vintage Martin Flugelhorn yesterday. It was an Imperial model however, with the exception of the engraving, I looked a lot like the Committees that I've seen online.
    Frankly, I was a bit disappointed.

    Among other things, it uses a cornet shank mouthpiece. Fortunately, I had my cornet mpce with me but the cup shape didn't allow the horn to speak with the depth that I expect a flugel to possess. In reality, my Martin Committee Cornet has a darker more resonant sound. Pitch was poor and slots were not where I imagined that they would be.

    I felt the sound was quite "mellophone" like (not surprising, based on the horn's geometry and architecture) and not even close to my '73 Yamaha.

    So here come the questions. Is there any difference at all between the Imperial and the Committee line of flugelhorns? Certainly, had I used a cornet mouthpiece with the appropriate cup shape, I could have gotten the "right" sound but, my sense is that it would not be what we'd consider a "modern" flugelhorn sound.

    Does anyone have experience with these horns? Is my sense in the ballpark?

    Just askin'.


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